Auto-Miss: No objections, here. Based on the poor rolls I’ve had so far, I’m going to need that, haha!


Bodrin is going to move away from the boar and to the hay bales with the intention of getting up to the lofts with Kio.. He’ll try to scramble up the bales and get a hold of Kio’s outstretched hand.


If I’m thinking about this right, Bodrin has enough movement to get up there with just a single move, same as Kio did. Which means Bodrin has an “action” left over too.

Is Bodrin planning to use that action when he gets up on the loft, or does he want to use the Disengage action so he doesn’t provoke an opportunity attack from the Giant Boar as he leaves the threatened range?


I’ll go ahead and have him take the Disengage action. I was mostly thinking about if I would need any checks or the like to get to the top.


Cool. Go ahead and update your IC post to show him “disengaging” (it says “reckless abandon” right now). And then to show him finishing his move in the empty square.

Then Kio’s turn!


Kio is going to start moving toward space R-16 in the loft.

On his way, he’s going to pick up a bale of hay and shake it violently into the open space as he walks. He is attempting to rain down a cloud of debris and dust to conceal the boar’s vision for a few seconds while he gets into position.

He will also speak about his plan.


Borus attack on the pig pen post: 12


Bodrin’s turn!


Bodrin is going to stow his shield on his back again and retrieve his light crossbow and a bolt. If he is able to load it this round, he’ll do that also.


So it looks like “donning and doffing” a shield takes “1 action”. But when Bodrin put on his shield, he moved, got his shield out, and took the Dodge action. So he got the shield out, but he didn’t take the time to actually “don” it. Borus rolled a 2 at that point, so the lack of the shield’s +2 to AC didn’t come into play, so this wouldn’t have changed anything there.

But now that Bodrin is putting the shield away, since the shield was never “donned”, it doesn’t have to be “doffed”. Essentially, he got it out and got it ready, but never really strapped it to his arm, so he can easily just sling it back on his back without taking an action to do so.

Then my reading of the light crossbow and ammunition says that, yes, Bodrin can draw and load and fire the light crossbow all in the same action. So go ahead and roll your attack and damage when you’re ready and post Bodrin firing. (Assuming you actually do want Bodrin to fire…) And I’ll post the boar’s reaction.

Let me know if you think the rules should work differently from any of the above.


Okay, in that case, Bodrin will indeed load and fire (if I need to roll a disadvantage dice from Kio’s obfuscating, let me know.

Attack roll for light crossbow: 16
Damage roll if successful: 3 (piercing)


Kio started the obfuscating behind Bodrin, so it doesn’t obscure the area between Bodrin and Borus.


Kio’s turn!


Kio is going to try his plan. He’s going to use his movement to lower himself from the loft and present a seemingly helpless target, dangling in front of the southern barn door. He will ready an action to dodge out of the way if Borus takes the bait and charges him.

If an Acrobatics check is necessary to dangle: 16


“Sooooooeeeey! Heeeeeere, piggy piggy piggy! Scraps for dinner! Cooooome aaaaaaaand get iiiiiiiit!”

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is awesome.


Borus attack on the pig pen post: 19


Damage: 8 + 5

Bodrin’s turn!


With things going off the rails slightly, Bodrin is going to use the dash action to jump down onto the hay bales from before and then race to square j16 in the hopes that leaving Kio as the only target in easy sight will get the charge.


Kio is going to stick with the plan one more round and try to taunt a charge, readying the action to Dodge if Borus does. Let me know if I need any additional rolls.


Updated Bodrin’s position on the map.

Updated Borus’s position on the map.

Borus’s attack on Kio with Disadvantage due to Dodge:


Posting to IC.


Bodrin is up!


With their plan to get Borus to ram the door open looking to have failed, Bodrin is going to resort to more direct methods of trying to remove the boar as an obstacle. He’s going to drop his crossbow, retrieve the shield from back back, then use his action to don it in preparation of battling Borus.


“I fear we must be soilbreaker and scyther once again.”


Kio is up!


Okay, here we go! Kio is going to use his movement to drop down into space H-16 since he’s already half-way into it already and being threatened. He will attack the boar with an unarmed strike, and then follow up with a second unarmed strike with his bonus action, using the Martial Arts special feature for the monk.

First Unarmed Attack: 10
Damage: 7
Second Unarmed Attack: 13
Damage: 4


Borus is attacking Kio.

Attack: 23

Damage: 7

Kio takes 7 damage!!!

Bodrin is up!


(Sorry for the delay on this, the whole house has been sick as a dog, so it’s been spectacularly awful)

Bodrin is going to move to i16 atop the hay bale(s), drawing his mace in tandem with the movement and attack Borus.

Bodrin’s attack on Borus: 12
Damage if successful: 8



Kio’s up!


Kio will stay where he is at h16 and fight on.

He will draw his quarterstaff from his back sling as part of his one-handed attack: 11
Damage if successful: 9

Martial Arts bonus action to attack with his free hand, unarmed strike: 23
Damage if successful: 7


Kio’s quarterstaff attack missed, but unarmed strike hit.

Borus attacks Bodrin: 21


Damage: 7

Posting Borus’s action, then Bodrin is up!


Bodrin is going to re-tuck his mace as (part of) his (no-actual-movement) move to free up a hand for casting, and then use his action to cast Cure Wounds on himself.

Cure Wounds healing: 10


Keening Kio is up!


Alright! Alliteration!

Kio will continue to stand his ground and wail on Borus.
One-handed quarterstaff attack: 8
Damage if successful: 8
Martial-Arts bonus unarmed attack: 25
Damage if successful: 7

Ooooh, Critical Hit on the unarmed attack! I think that means I get to add another 1d4 to the damage: 1


BOOM! : )


Borus attacks Kio: 12


Bodrin is up!


With himself healed and his ally next to him, Bodrin is going to reach over and cast his 2nd (and last) 1st level spell before needing a long rest on Kio, Cure Wounds .

Cure Wounds healing for Kio: 4


Awesome! Kio’s up!


Kio’s at 5 hp out of 8, but this thing can take either one of us out with one good hit anyway. So, I think I’ll keep up the assault and hope I get lucky on defense if it’s still up.

One-handed quarterstaff attack: 23
Damage if successful: 6
Martial-Arts bonus unarmed attack: 11
Damage if successful: 4


Borus attacks Kio again: 15



Bodrin’s up!


(getting back in the saddle!)

Now that both he and Kio are off of death’s doorstep (at least for the moment), Bodrin is going to redraw his mace made make an attack against Borus.

Bodrin’s attack on Borus: 6
Damage if successful: 7


Nice description!!! Kio’s up!


Hmm, my gut says my luck at avoiding hits is not going to last much longer and one might be all it takes. So, Kio is going to take a Dodge action this round while he still has Borus’s attention.


Borus attacks Kio again, this time with disadvantage due to Kio’s being Dodgy: 25 16

Damage: 11

Your gut appears to have been right!


Bodrin’s up!


Being out of cure spells until he can rest, Bodrin has no alternative but to try and finish this fight. He’s going to swing once again with his mace.

Bodrin’s attack in Borus: 17
Damage if successful: 8

EDIT: huzzah for max damage, maybe it’s not hopeless!


Huzzah indeed!

Kio’s turn, so I think he needs to make a “death saving throw”.


Death Save number 1: 9

So, whichever one I get 3 of first, determines my fate.

Successes: 0
Failures: 1


Borus is leaving Bodrin’s threat range without Disengaging, so Bodrin gets to take an opportunity attack if Bodrin wants to. Does he want to?


He absolutely does want to! Bodrin will continue swinging with his mace

Bodrin’s Opportunity Attack against Borus: 5
Damage if successful: 8

EDIT: of course he has to go and roll awful!


Kio’s up for another death saving throw!


Death Save number 1: 14

Successes: 1
Failures: 1


Looks like I got thrown off the initiative sequence by the opportunity attack. It was actually Bodrin’s turn, not Kio’s. So we’ll just have y’all go “out of order” this time, and put it back in order next round.

So, Bodrin’s (make up) turn!


Ah, okay. That makes sense. In that case, since he now has a moment of reprieve from Borus, Bodrin is going to crouch down to Kio (dropping his mace in the process of crouching to free up a hand) and attempt to stabilize him to stave off the death saving throws. According to the book this is a Wisdom (Medicine) check DC 10.

Bodrin’s Wisdom (Medicine) stabilize roll: 8


Okay, back on initiative track, it’s now Bodrin’s turn again, and if it’s not clear from the IC post, Bodrin now has access to a healer’s kit.


Rock on. Bodrin is going to snatch the Healer’s Kit and expend one of the 10 uses to stabilize Kio.


Excellent! Kio is now stable, his “death saving throw successes and failures” both go back to zero. And he will heal 1 hp and become conscious in 4 hours. Unless he receives other healing before then.


Kio’s turn! (He’s unconscious, but you’ve been posting some great internal dialog stuff, so feel free to continue if you like, or pass if you want.)


Stabilized! Yeah, I like posting a little something, even when I’m down and out.


Once inside the living space, Bodrin is going to set Kio on the sleeping pallet and look to bar the door with a shovel handle in whatever way he can. If that isn’t workable with the door’s configuration, then he’ll try putting one of the chairs under the knob (I’ll tweak my IC post if needed for that). Once he feels sufficiently locked in, he’s going to eat and get a bit of sleep as part of a long rest.

If I need to make any checks or anything to bar the door (or save against the food!), let me know.


Looks great!

Okay, let’s say it’s been 4 hours since Kio was stabilized, so Kio is at 1 hp and is now awake, though he may not be sure where he is since his last memory is of facing Borus in the barn. Bodrin’s still asleep. Kio’s up!


Kio is going to assess the situation and try not to ruin the rest period. Since he’s restricted to light activities, he will proceed to very carefully start cleaning himself up as best he can while keeping an eye on the door.


Cool. Still Kio’s turn then, since Bodrin is asleep and has no reason to wake up yet. Is Kio resting until he regains full hit points (“long rest”), or just partial hit points (one hour “short rest”)?


Kio wants to stand guard (well, sit guard, I guess) while Bodrin does the long rest, so he’ll stay quiet and still, but stick with just the short rest. He will keep that dart in hand.


Cool, then we wait for Bodrin to awaken from a long rest. Bodrin’s up!


After waking up, Bodrin will check on Kio and the state of his wounds.


Y’all feel free to converse a bit…given that Kio doesn’t know anything about how he got here.

Also, since Kio had a short rest (if he had slept more, it would have been a long rest), looks like he has the option to “spend a hit die” and regain some hit points. I guess given that, it would be like the wounds turn out to be not as bad as they first looked? Or maybe I need to be doing descriptions with less permanent sounding wounds?

Bodrin did get a long rest, so he’s at full hit points now.


Oh nice, I forgot about the Hit Die! Short Rest 1d8+0: 6


For clarification’s sake, what time of day are we now at following the long rest?


If we say you had a late morning meeting with the magistrate, and then a 2-3 hour walk to the farm, then the interactions with Relte and Borus, then carrying Kio, then an 8 hour long rest, it would probably be about 11pm. Sound about right?


Yeah, sounds reasonable.


Now that Kio is back up and about, and both have had time to do a bit of recuperating, Bodrin is going to do as instructed and sing a bit so that their new “ally” (?) will get the message.


If applicable, Bodrin would very much like to make an insight roll to any response (or lack thereof) that Lady gives him.


Insight check sounds good. Roll when you’re ready.


Bodrin’s Insight Roll: 7


Bodrin doesn’t have a feeling one way or the other.


Does Kio want to say or do anything before Lady makes her way out the door?


No, he’s afraid of her and doesn’t trust her yet. He will keep his mouth shut, for now.


Do y’all want to RP the “plan” discussion or just hammer it out ooc?


I’ll never say no to an opportunity to roleplay or write dialogue. I’ll go first and post ASAP.


Does Kio have a reply or is Bodrin headed out the door?




Bodrin is on the move, praying for no trap to be sprung.


Just in case it’s needed: Kio is actively watching, listening, (and sniffing) from the door. If a Perception check is required, here it is. I’m rolling twice just in case there’s Advantage/Disadvantage.

Perception 1: 21
Perception 2: 21


Kio doesn’t notice anything beyond the crickets and owls…and the smells of a hog farm. Bodrin is at the door to the barn.


Since it’s night time, is Bodrin using moonlight to see in the inside of the barn?


If he can find a firefly roaming around anywhere, he can use his Light cantrip. He doesn’t have a spell component pouch. If he can’t find one, moonlight it is since he doesn’t want to the up a hand holding a torch.


Unless a spell component is expensive or extremely rare, or the scenario is intentionally setup to say “you have been stripped of all possessions” or “you have used up the limited supply and there is no more in this immediate area”, let’s assume that any spell caster would have the components for their spells on their person and just generally replenishes their supplies as they are able to. Kind of like we always carry our cell phones when we leave the house, and charge them up when we have the opportunity, and it would be a particularly unusual situation to leave the house without a phone. This walk wasn’t an “unusual situation” for Bodrin, so even without a spell component pouch, let’s say Bodrin can cast Light if he wants to. Otherwise he would just be going by the moonlight that is filtering in to the barn from the side windows, which isn’t much.


Okay, that sounds fair. Bodrin is going to take one of the crossbow bolts out of his hip quiver and cast the Light cantrip on it. Then he’ll return it to the quiver so that he can ‘hold’ it while keeping both of his hands free.


Now that he has some light, Bodrin is going to search the barn for one of the pig leashes that Relte had gone to get before springing his trap.


With the leash and harness in hand, Bodrin is going to go back to the stall. His goal will be to slip inside, close the gate behind himself and then get the harness on the sow. I had originally started to wrote this up narratively in the IC post, but kept hitting micro roadblocks. Does the stall door creak loudly? Does the sow wake up before he can get inside and close the gate? Does Bodrin get ambushed at any point during this process? How far forward should I write in terms of assuming success? I don’t want to delay the overall narrative by pausing after every little thing if it’s just a waste, but I also don’t want to write a huge post assuming everything went great when something would break it up.

This part seems a bit more free form, where is the line?


Yeah, great points.

I think we can just do future things like this as you have here. If you want to do an extended thing, and you think there might be a potential for some interruption, just post a summary here and I’ll tell you how far to go with it.

So here, assume success all the way up to where the sow has the harness on. She’s an unwilling participant and basically isn’t cooperating. So Bodrin can get the harness and leash on her, mainly by just dragging the harness under her body starting from snout down to her shoulder, and then buckle it at that point. But then she won’t get up. She’s awake, but she’s just basically refusing to cooperate.


(So, wow. Not sure how I missed this response. My bad for the delay. I’ve been sitting around waiting to post and it’s been here.)

Sounds good.


No worries. Clearly, I delayed as well.

What is Bodrin trying to do here? Is he trying to drag the pig?


Yeah, he’s going to try and drag her out.


Apparently Bodrin can only drag up to 420lbs (14 str * 30 as per Push, Drag, or Lift), and she’s heavier than that.


Being unable to pull the pig, Bodrin will attempt to use Wisdom (Animal Handling) to try and coax her into coming along with him.

Wisdom (Animal Handling) Roll: 8


Bodrin’s plan effectively forks depending on if the sow follows his hand as he moves to the barn door. If it does, when he gets there he’ll take the leash again and look to Kio on determining if the coast is clear and which way to move. If it doesn’t, he’ll look to gain the monk’s aid in getting the creature out of the barn.


Just in case I need it, Stealth check: 19


Sorry again about the delay.

If Kio can find his dropped staff quickly, he will grab it and slip it into his back sling. If he doesn’t spot it after a moment, he’ll leave it for later.

Untrained Animal Handling attempt: 17


Kio easily finds his dropped staff and retrieves it.


Will we be needing to make checks to pull this animal?


I think this is just a straight “Push, Drag, or Lift” scenario, so now check needed. It’s just 30x your Strength scores. Both of you have 14, so that’s 28 * 30 = 840 lbs that you can push together. And if it’s over 420 (carrying capacity for the two of you together), you can only move 5 ft per round.


As a “for reference” question. Which direction relative to the barn and wood’s edge is Andren?